Rings have shown up in my sleeping dreams for the last ten years. I just assumed they were symbols of something, not nudges in a vocational direction. When I became pregnant with my youngest son in 2017, I also became pregnant creatively: I realized I needed to figure out how to bring the “fairy architecture” I dream about into being.

All of my designs are researched, planned, sized, and sketched by me, then made by a master goldsmith in Texas who has been handcrafting rings for 30 years. My business is generated through word of mouth and Instagram. This website is the only sales portal in order to keep prices lower.

Every stone my supplier offers is certified conflict-free. The company has earned certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council, verifying that they are in compliance with the Kimberley Accord and that their stones, their supply chain, and their facility meet the high standards of the RJC Code of Practices. RJC routinely conducts audits to certify that they are maintaining these standards.

My bio: I studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin, and have been married twice (my ring is a beautiful 95-year-old piece with filigree reminiscent of Celtic stonework patterns). I have a bouquet of children whose ages span sixteen years, and a husband who plays bagpipes and breathes fire. We live in East Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by artists of all varieties. In my spare time, I am an aspiring rosarian of cream-colored English and French roses, many of which are snacks for the deer in our yard. :)